We Come and Go

There is a place where journeys must be taken, a catalyst to transcend to a new place. The ritual, exchange of boarding passes, passports, fees. In the process satisfying sentimental fixes; kisses, embraces, blessings. Longing advances over you as the farewell is set in motion, slow. The gate disjoints connections; the last blown kiss, a souvenir to carry in the depth of your memory; an impending reunion, full of hope.

Existen lugares donde los viajes se emprenden, lugares que ayudan a transcender a un nuevo lugar.  Los rituales e  intercambios de pases de bordaje, pasaportes, y cuotas forman parte del proceso. Despidos iniciados con besos, abrazos y bendiciones. El anhelo se apodera de ti y el despido cada vez mas vivo. Una puerta divide lo físico, el último beso para guardar en lo más profundo de tu memoria. Es una reunión inminente llena de esperanza.  


A trip alone




The circling of thoughts, begins.




Follow the light


Somber crossing


2 thoughts on “We Come and Go

  1. I like the feeling of the words and the emotion your photos convey. I also like going to the airport, although it’s always a more pleasant experience for the departing party, I believe. Maybe it’s this romantic idea of traveling and arriving at new destinations?

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