This City Believes In You

Components, full of potential…

Componentes, tan llenos de potencial…


“This city believes in you,” one of the many accessories that decorate the city. A plaque to validate existence in the midst of yielding elements.


Climb up or down?

Step up, down, or side to side. Stand boldly, proud, functional and unused, neglected. Does anyone ever see you? Visit you? Are you ever fondled? I didn’t even bother walking up a couple, declined the invitation.


Use me, please!

Is it possible to use a door without a handle? It’s missing its most integral part, projections of inadequacy and a contained crisis of identity. A total misuse of windows, no enticement, I didn’t even peer through. It stood there pathetic; I quickly looked away, walked away.



No love for a hydrant, no significant amount of gum to decorate its residence. No territorial sheen to swagger. Eternal Yellow, never mellow.


Bucket man


Oh Bucket Man, you teeter quickly across the street. The paint anticipates its fate.


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